Punch Drumming music video performance in “Art of the Bag”

SPEED B.A.G. Speed Bag Annual Gathering in Keyport, NJ! See the Speed B.A.G. page for more information!

Short video of speed bag expert Matt Santiago (aka “Ataraxis“ ) in “Art of the Bag”.

Art of the Bag is a tribute to the amazing sound and rhythm of the speed bag. It has a rich history that goes far beyond it’s more recognized boxing roots. From the performance stages of Vaudeville, where amazing speed baggers toured and put on multi-bag demonstrations, to the new modern day “punch drummers”(tm) who use the bag as a hanging drum, mixing the rhythms with music, there is a fascinating story to be told, about some very fascinating people who all have one thing in common….. A speed bag addiction. This addiction can get you healthy! Visit: www.ArtOfTheBag.com